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  • Beneficiary name: EMLER Bt.
  • Project title: Productivity development at EMLER Bt
  • Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.14-20-2021-00092
  • Amount of contracted support: HUF 10,063,116
  • Subsidy rate: 70.00 %
  • Project actual end date: 2022.05.22.

Presentation of project content:
The legal predecessor of our company started the ExtremOutdoor brand in 1996, which became Profilogo in 2005. In addition to the design and production of hiking and mountaineering jackets, we design and embroider graphics for caps, outerwear and other promotional products. The purpose of the development project is to promote more efficient work at our company, faster service to our customers, and medium-term strengthening of our company with the investments, in order to be able to operate profitably and develop in the current intense and resource-demanding domestic and international competition.
GINOP-1.2.14-20-2021-00092 serves this purpose. An investment realized within the framework of the project entitled "Development of productivity at EMLER Bt", for which our company received HUF 10,063,116 in support.
With the new machine investments, we want to ensure that our products are manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner for our customers. During the precisely planned technological analysis of the production of the highest quality final product, we decided to mechanize some work processes, and digitization of the controls is essential, for which we developed and expanded the machine park. The purchase of new machines and IT devices, the creation of a synchronized system, in addition to the continuous improvement of quality, improves the overall image upon presentation, which is an essential aspect for European customers. As a result of the acquired machines, our company achieves advanced production capacity, efficiency and quality improvement.

Participating in trade fairs and exhibitions on foreign markets helps us to appear in new markets, with which we can increase not only our export income, but also our international digital presence and recognition. The introduction of IT applications also requires a comprehensive adaptation from our company, we want to effectively participate in the related innovation developments. As a result of the CorelDraw graphic software, our company's visual communication is strengthened, and thanks to the acquisition of technological tools, we achieve continuous quality improvement and an increase in share. Marketing activities contribute to increasing sales that have slowed down as a result of the restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis.
In the crisis situation due to the current virus, our goal with our sportswear products is to contribute to the increasingly popular outdoor sports, which also gives us the opportunity to increase our competitiveness. With our marketing campaign, we are targeting the cycling audience of more and more big cities. With the developments, our goal is to preserve competitive domestic capacities and at the same time to make the most of the investment opportunities created during the crisis as quickly as possible. With our investment project and new machine investments, we want to ensure that our products are manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner for our customers.

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